Dallas Academy of Tai Chi Chuan

Who we are

The Academy was founded in the 1970s by Sam Yuen Chinn. The Cheng Man-ch'ing short Yang form, Yang Sword form, Yang Cane form, and Traditional Long Wu form are taught. Martial applications, push hands and advanced study are also available. The school focuses on internal development through qigong practice, stance training and forms study.

Tai chi as practiced by our group increases strength, balance, and attention through structured movement having origins in the martial arts. While the martial applications of tai chi are used to illustrate, explain, and amplify the student's understanding of the forms played, they are not the primary purpose of our practice.

Classes are taught by Sifu Susan Leonard, with the assistance of senior students Walter Hofheinz and Chuck Goulding. We work together to provide individual attention within the group. Our group is informal and accommodating, but committed. While regular attendance is extremely helpful to the student, it is not required since we recognize the many demands placed on our time.

Come join us!

Class schedule

Tuesday, 7:00-8:30 p.m. (Beginner Yang and Wu styles, Advanced, Cane and other specialty forms and applications), with class from 7:00-8:00 p.m., and optional practice from 8:00-8:30 p.m.

We periodically begin a new twelve week cycle for beginners, focusing on basic skills and the Yang-style Short Form, but you are welcome to begin at any time. Please join us!

After the first session of each calendar month, there is an optional review following class of forms not currently included in the primary class session.


First Unitarian Church of Dallas (Generally Raible Chapel on the north side of the campus)
4015 Normandy Avenue, Dallas, Texas 75205

Cost: $15 per month/$5 drop-in


Susan Leonard: Susan started training Tai Chi Chuan with Sam Yuen Chinn in 1977, learning both Cheng Man-ch'ing's Yang-style Short Form and the Wu Form. Susan continued as an instructor for Sam Yuen Chinn in 1979. She has studied with both her grand masters, William C.C. Chen and Edwin Yee, in New York. Susan has participated in six national competitions and has earned thirteen national titles with eleven gold and two silver medals.

Senior students Walter Hofheinz and Chuck Goulding assist with instruction.

Private Instruction

Individual and small group private instruction can be scheduled by contacting Susan Leonard directly.

Contact us

Telephone: call Susan Leonard at 214.533.1243 or Walter Wm. Hofheinz at 214.363.2400

Email: Susan Leonard or Walter Wm. Hofheinz

Rules and Forms


Link to Sifu Leonard' demonstration of Wu style

If anyone has info about activities or events, or pictures and suchlike you would like on the site, email Walter at wwh@hofheinzlaw.com, or give Walter a call at 214.363.2400.